Kittens with Attitude


My focus is on breeding confident and sociable Burmese and Bengal kittens as pets. I only have two breeding queens and they are very much part of our family. The most important period for socialising kittens is 3-8 weeks when kittens are still with the breeder. All my kittens live with the family and get a wide variety of experiences including contact with other cats (and often kittens), our dogs and even our barn owl. All human visitors are press-ganged (not difficult) into tickling their tummies and cuddling them. The kittens can explore the whole house and the large garden. The result is bold and loving kittens who go to their new homes with confidence and a ‘bring it on’ attitude.

All my pedigree  kittens leave home from 13 weeks old fully vaccinated, microchipped, GCCF registered, wormed and vet checked. They come with a month’s free insurance.

My interest in my kittens doesn’t end when they leave home. I am always ready to answer questions and help with any problems with settling in or integration with other members of the household. I am also very keen to have news and pictures for as long as you are willing to send them.




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