Kittens with Attitude


Bengals first became available as pets around 30 years ago. They are the result of crossing a small wild cat called an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat with the intention of getting wild cat markings and a domestic temperament. Mostly it worked. Their markings are stunning and they can be very loving and friendly cats if they are really well socialised as kittens. ¬†Properly brought up they are very engaging and chatty companions who will come in after a night’s hunting with much to say very loudly about where they have been and what they have seen as they hang around for some TLC. They are also have a great sense of humour, albeit of the practical joke kind. Jumping out of dark corners and making faces at other cats is a great favourite. They believe water should come in large quantities and is much better drunk from a bath or a pond than a bowl. Scooping goldfish out of ponds is also a great amusement. These are independent cats who love being outside and more than most will relate to you on their own terms.

This is my Bengal queen, Diva: